Session Details

ICSZ and ICA Joint Session

Session: Soil Zoology and Future Earth

Briones MJIKeynote Speaker: Maria Briones
            University of Vigo, Scientific committee of Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative

Title: Soil biodiversity: The Big Science of the Small Creatures



Session-1: Soil biodiversity under global environmental changes

Keynote Speaker 1: Patrick Lavelle
            Université P. et M. Curie (Paris 6)

Title: Macroinvertebrate communities as indicators and actors of globalMACROFAUNA database


Zaytsev4Key note Speaker 2: Andrey S. Zaitsev
            Justus-Liebig-University of Giessen, Germany

Title: Oribatid mites in uniform environments: local disturbances and intense site management overshadow effects of macrogeographic gradients

Session-2: Taxonomy and biodiversity of soil animals

miyazawaKeynote Speaker 1: Hideyuki Miyazawa
            Graduate School of Science, Osaka University
            (Present address: Shimoda Marine Research Center, University of Tsukuba)

Title: Molecular phylogeny and evolution of two soil arthropod groups, Myriapoda and Apterygota (Hexapoda)


guyane_6705_web_AURELIEN_BRUSINIKey note Speaker 2: Thibaud Decaëns
            Université de Montpellier, France

Title: Highlighting earthworm biodiversity hotspots in French Guiana

Session-3: Ecology of soil animals and their ecosystem function

frouzKeynote Speaker1: Jan Frouz
            Institute for Environmental Studies
            Charles University in Prague, Czech

Title: The effect of soil macro and mesofauna on litter decomposition and nutrient cycling


Olaf_smilesKeynote Speaker2: Olaf Schmidt
            UCD School of Agriculture and Food Science, Agriculture and Food Science Centre
            University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

Title: Rapid trophic interactions between soil decomposers, plants and above-ground herbivores

Session-4: Conservation of soil biodiversity with special reference to Asia and Oceania Region

Keynote Speaker: Evan P. Economo
unnamed            Biodiversity and Biocomplexity Unit
            Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Title: Invertebrate conservation in a changing world: linking local and global approaches




ICA0-Hiroshi_TakedaSpeaker: Hiroshi Takeda
            Doshisha University, Japan

Title: Climate effects on the functional groups of collembola through the decomposition processes in forest ecosystems

Session-1: Taxonomy

ICA1_Mikhail_Potapov_FACE-2Keynote Speaker: Mikhail Potapov
            Moscow State Pedagogical University, Russia

Title: Morphology in Collembola systematics: the potential and limitations

Session-2: Evolution

ICA2_Dick_Roelofs_15-7-2014Keynote Speaker: Dick Roelofs
            VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Title: Signatures of adaptive evolution in Collembola Genomes

Session-3: Ecology

ICA3_Matty_BergKeynote Speaker: Matty P. Berg
            VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Title: Use of functional traits in predicting community responses of Collembola to environmental change