Publications from our colloquium

The papers submitted for XVII ICSZ and XIV ICA will be published in the three peer reviewed journals listed below.

  • Geoderma (Special Issue on ecosystem services)
  • European Journal of Soil Biology (Ecology)
  • Soil Organisms (Taxonomy and Evolution)

Submission deadline October 31st, 2016.
The fee is not necessary.

Special issue for Geoderma


  • “Soil Biodiversity for our Future for a Sustainable World”
  • Focus on links between biota and ecosystem services
  • Papers selected by guest editors:
    • Nobuhiro Kaneko
    • Matty Berg
    • Maria Briones
  • Overseeing Editor in Chief:
    • Jan Willem van Groenigen
  • Review according to the journal guidelines
  • Contact guest editors if you are interested in contributing to this special issue
  • Check “Procedure to submit manuscripts for special issue Geoderma

European Journal of Soil Biology


  • Manuscripts about ecology
  • No special issue, regular submission (but virtual special issue in combination with Geoderma)
  • No guest editors
  • Submission through the Journal website
  • Title pages of the accepted articles will include a foot note explaining it was presented at our colloquium
  • Check “Procedure to submit manuscripts for European Journal of soil biology

Virtual Special Issue

We plan to make a Virtual Special Issue (VSI) with articles to be published in Geoderma and European Journal of Soil Biology in order to maximise the dissemination of the proceedings of the two colloquiums.
The virtual issue will be available on line after all the editorial decisions are made but individual papers could be viewed at the Journal website soon after acceptation.

Soil Organisms


  • Manuscripts about taxonomy and evolution
    • “Soil Organisms” covers the complete field of soil biology. However, here we would like to collect manuscripts about taxonomy and evolution in this journal from our conference)
  • No special issue but regular articles
  • Guest editors:
    • Mikhail Potapov
    • Shigenori Karasawa
  • Submit to the Journal’s Editor-in-Chief by e-mail:
  • Mention “Submission from ICSZ & ICA 2016”
  • Check “Procedure to submit to and process manuscripts by Soil Organisms