Presentation Informations

Poster presentation

Poster presentations will be held in the poster room on Aug. 23 and 24.
The posters for session 3 in ICSZ will be presented on Aug. 23.
The posters for session 1, 2, 4 in ICSZ and all posters in ICA will be presented on Aug. 24.

Please put your posters on the board before 11:00 on the presentation day.
The poster room will be open between 9:00 and 17:00.
Each poster will be mounted on a 120 cm width by 160 cm height poster board.
Posters should be displayed on provided boards, which will be identified with a code indicated on the scientific program.
For sticking your posters on the board, please use pushpins which we prepare at the poster room.
Please DO NOT use sticky tape (Scotch and any other tapes).
During the core time of poster presentation (15:20–16:40), please stand by your poster and explain your paper on request by the audience.
Posters should be removed completely before 17:00 of the presentation day.
The presenters have to bring back their posters, and are not allowed to throw into the trash boxes in venue.

Guidelines for presentations

Three types of presentations will be held during this Colloquium:

Keynote presentations will lead each session.
ICSZ: 30 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for comments and questions.
ICA: 25 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for comments and questions.

Oral presentations (12 minutes for presentation and 3 minutes for comments and questions) will be given in 4 sessions, as listed in the scientific program.

Poster presentations will be given in Conference Room 3 & 4 (combined as one room), as indicated in the scientific program.

For keynote and oral presentations, we provide PowerPoint 2013 setup on Windows 8.1 PC. Please bring your files prepared for this or compatible format. A laptop PC in a preview space will be available. Please make sure your presentation files work on our PC. Then, please provide your files on a USB memory at registration desk one day before your session. In case you have presentations on day 1 (22nd, August), please provide before lunch. If you would like to use your own PC in case of using any movie files and Mac users , let us know via e-mail, and please bring a VGA connector etc. on your own, and check in advance if it works with our PC system.. Please connect your PC to our projector at the beginning of your talk.