abstract submission closed

Abstracts Submission

Abstracts must be in English, and must be 300 words or less.
Please include the following with your submission:

1. Desired Session1)
2. Your preference for oral or poster presentation2)
3. Title
4. Author name(s)
5. Author affiliation(s)
6. Abstract text

Please send abstracts to XXX via email no later than 12 February 20163)
Please prepare your abstracts following the standard format templates provided below. Please choose appropriate templates. Abstract submission must be done in MS Word format. When you submit your abstract to ICSZ, please attach file name like following ‘your surname-ICSZ’. When you submit abstract to ICA, please attach a file name by the same manner as ICSZ.
e.g. “Kaneko-ICSZ”, “Takeda-ICA”

Please send to XXX to submit your abstract.

Abstract formats
   ICSZ template download please click HERE
   ICA template download please click HERE

1) For assigning room and time for oral presentations and sorting poster presentations appropriately by topic, we ask you to choose one session from the list below that matches your presentation. Due to application numbers and limitation in space, we may ask you to change your topic. The following is the list of presentation topics;
1: Soil biodiversity under global environmental changes
2: Taxonomy and biodiversity of soil animals
3: Ecology of soil animals and their ecosystem function
4: Conservation of soil biodiversity with special reference to Asian region.
5: General Session
1: Taxonomy
2: Evolution
3: Ecology

2) Indication of your preference does not guarantee assignment of that preference. However, due to limitation in space and time, we may ask you to change your presentation style (oral or poster).

3) In the event that participants require a letter of invitation, with confirmation of an accepted abstract prior to this deadline, please submit your abstract at any time, and the organizers will take these abstracts into consideration and provide letters of acceptance on an ad hoc basis.