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Colloquium dinner
Colloquium dinner (click for larger image)

Welcome to ICSZ and ICA in Japan

The world is now realizing the importance of soil. The year 2015 was the International Year of Soil, declared by United Nations and FAO. The period 2015 – 2024 is the International Decade of Soils, declared by the IUSS. The soil degradation is threatening our future.

We, soil zoologists, have been studying the diversity and functioning of soil animals in all over the world. Soil animals change soil microbial activities directly and indirectly, support plant growth and are the base of aboveground food webs.

Needless to say, the soil animals are essential member for the soil health. Therefore, we selected the colloquium theme as “Soil Biodiversity and our Future Earth”.

The most important and exiting research contribution will be shared at XVII International Colloquium on Soil Zoology on August 2016 in Nara, Japan.

-> Welcome Message from Presidents of ICSZ and ICA.

Opening Session (Session-1)

“Soil biodiversity: The Big Science of the Small Creatures”
Speaker: Maria Briones (University of Vigo, Scientific committee of Global Soil Biodiversity Initiative)

ICSZ-ICA Joint Symposium

“Soil biodiversity for our future earth”


ICSZ 22–26 AUGUST 2016
ICA 24–26 AUGUST 2016


Nara Kasugano International Forum (

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