In April 1967, the society started as a small association comprised of 75 scientists studying soil organisms. By October, we had an inaugural congress in Kyoto, and subsequently published the first issue of Edaphologia in December the same year.
We have been very active since the establishment of the association. For the first 11 years, we had 13 congresses and published 17 issues of our news bulletin, making significant contributions to establishing the foundations of soil zoology in Japan. The number of our members grew, and we subsequently became an official society in May 1978.
We have regularly held annual conferences since we became a society. Our 30th conference was held in 2007. We have published 92 issues of our journal, Edaphologia (as of 2013). Also, the 60 issue of our news bulletin, ‘Dorono-mushi Tuushin’ (Bulletin of Muddy Animals), was published in July 2013. Our society now has about 300 members. The primary activities of our society are to organize our annual society conferences and publish Edaphologia and the news bulletin.